The Legislation Design and Advisory Committee has adopted the Legislation Advisory Committee (LAC) Guidelines on Process and Content of Legislation, which is a guide to making good legislation.

The Guidelines were written by members of the former Legislation Advisory Committee and experts from outside the Committee. In 2014 the Guidelines were revised.

Ministers and their officials are required to advise Cabinet of aspects of Bills that depart from the important principles in the 2014 revised Guidelines (the default approach), and provide justification for any variation. The requirements are set out in Cabinet Office Circular CO (15) 3 Revised Legislation Advisory Committee Guidelines: Cabinet Requirements (external link) . The CabGuide's template for a paper seeking agreement to the introduction of a bill or supplementary order paper (external link)  has been updated to reflect the new requirements. 

The Guidelines are intended to be used as an aid to government officials faced with the task of producing legislation. They are not intended to act as a hurdle for officials to overcome, nor are they concerned with second guessing policy decisions.

Instead, they identify and address the many issues that can arise during the legislative development process. The desired end result is high quality legislation, a reduction in the number of failed Bills and the minimisation of litigation risk.

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