2014 Rewrite project

The 2014 edition of the Guidelines was developed by the Legislation Advisory Committee (remodelled in 2015 into the Legislation Design and Advisory Committee) during the course of 2014 with funding from the Parliamentary Counsel Office and support from the Law Commission. The 2014 edition of the Guidelines was approved by the LAC on 17 September 2014.

The project team comprised:

  • Adam Rossiter, Lead Legal and Policy Advisor, LAC Guidelines Revision Project
  • Professor Geoff McLay, Law Commissioner
  • Susan Hall, Senior Legal and Policy Advisor, Law Commission

In addition to contributions from LAC members, the project team received extensive support from the following:

  • David Noble, Chief Parliamentary Counsel
  • Fiona Leonard, Deputy Chief Parliamentary Counsel
  • Adam Dubas, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Justice
  • Jonathan Ayto, Principal Advisor, Treasury

The following persons were members of the LAC at the date of adoption:

  • Hon Sir Grant Hammond (Chair), President, Law Commission
  • Professor Geoff McLay, Law Commissioner
  • Professor Andrew Geddis, Faculty of Law, Otago University
  • Ivan Kwok, Principal Advisor, The Treasury
  • Guy Beatson, Deputy Secretary - Policy, Ministry for the Environment
  • Dr John Yeabsley, Senior Fellow, NZIER
  • Brigid McArthur, Partner, Greenwood Roche Chisnall
  • Megan Richards, Partner, Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
  • Dr Campbell Walker, Barrister
  • David Cochrane, Special Counsel, Simpson Grierson
  • Lisa Hansen, Barrister, Barristers.com
  • Simon Mount, Barrister, Bankside Chambers
  • Professor Paul Rishworth QC, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland
  • Jeremy Johnson, Associate, Wynn Williams & Co
  • Anthea Williams, Principal Legal Adviser, Ministry for Primary Industries
  • David Johnstone, Partner, Meredith Connell
  • Dr Mark Hickford (ex officio), Policy Advisor (Legal), Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • David Noble (ex officio), Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Parliamentary Counsel Office
  • David King (ex officio), General Manager, Civil and Constitutional, Ministry of Justice
  • Andrea King (ex officio), Crown Counsel, Crown Law Office
  • Fiona Leonard (ex officio), Deputy Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Parliamentary Counsel Office

The previous 2001 edition of the Guidelines is available here for reference.  The 2014 edition of the Guideilnes is the current edition that departments and agencies should use. 

The Legislation Design and Advisory Committee is preparing supplementary material to support the Guidelines.  It will contain a more substantive account of the principles, legal rules and other factors to be considered that are set out in the Guidelines so as to provide policy officials, their legal advisers and others with a more thorough understanding of the justification for individual guidelines. It will contain case law, academic discussion, examples and links to external sources. This substantive document will draw on previous versions of the Guidelines, ensuring that the existing knowledge is not lost.

This work is ongoing, with completion in 2017.


For further information please contact the LDAC Secretary at:

LDAC Secretary

Parliamentary Counsel Office

PO Box 18 070 | Wellington 6160

P: (04) 472 9639

E: Contact.LDAC@pco.govt.nz 



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